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Tarremah Steiner School 12 Nautilus Grove, Huntingfield TAS 7055

Our Staff

Matt Bale

School Chair

As School Chair, Matt is responsible for the school’s policies and procedures to support its operations, staff, and students. He also focuses on maintaining the school’s republican management model, facilitating all staff to contribute to the school’s management directly, or through delegation.

Matt loves being part of a community that is deeply committed to empowering children to become free and active contributors to society.

He continues to have a small teaching load, engaging students in science and the manual arts.  Prior to becoming involved in Education, Matt was heavily involved in the creative arts, with a keen focus on problem solving through his own design business.

When not at work, Matt loves creating new things and spending time with his family on their small acreage. He also enjoys being on the water, camping, and exploring new, wild places.

Seth Ireland

Primary Teacher

Before starting at Tarremah, Seth studied business marketing and worked as a sales representative in Melbourne. However, he didn’t feel fulfilled by marketing and sales, and he wanted to contribute to society in a different way.

Today, Seth works as a Primary School Teacher and takes a specific group from class 1 to class 6. He feels privileged to forge relationships with children and their families and loves supporting them through this magical stage of childhood.

Seth loves to learn and grow in anything that interests him. Building has been something that has interested him in the past, having spent 10 years building his family home out of an old apple shed in the Huon Valley. He also loves music, in all its forms, and is always looking for ways to increase his understanding and develop his proficiency.

Elise Blacher

Primary Teacher

Prior to teaching, Elise worked in marketing and international business, working at Tourism Tasmania before joining Tarremah. With two children who have attended Tarremah from Silvereye through to Class 10 and working in various roles, including being a class teacher for more than ten years, Elise has been involved with the school for over 20 years. Her first role at Tarremah was as a Teacher’s Aide in early childhood, before teaching Prep and then Craft, while also working in various administration roles.

Elise enjoys working with parents to guide and facilitate the children’s development. She likes the holistic and therapeutic nature of Stenier education and loves that developing a relationship with each child is at the heart of the education.

Away from school, Elise loves gardening, creating beautiful spaces, travelling, reading and the arts.

Kaara Tilasmi

Early Childhood Teacher

Kaara is the Silvereye teacher at Tarremah as well as doing a relief teaching in different areas of the school. She was inspired by Steiner education when her first child was one and has now had many different roles across the school. Kaara loves learning from children and the philosophy of Steiner education.

She brings broad experience to Tarremah having worked as a professional contemporary dancer with numerous companies across Australia, being a bodyworker/healer/Women’s circle facilitator, teaching dance and yoga and working as a Doula.

In her spare time, you’ll find Kaara gardening, sailing, bushwalking, reading, learning, and experiencing nature in all its glory.

Isabella Kumpulainen

Primary Teacher

Prior to Tarremah Isabella worked as a Laboratory Technician in an analytical laboratory for 20 years. In conjunction with this, she also freelanced as a bushwalking and rock- climbing guide for school groups.

Through her interest in small scale farming Isabella discovered biodynamics, which in-turn led to her finding Tarremah, through the school’s biodynamic garden at the time.

After enrolling her daughter at the school, a deep interest in the Steiner philosophy and pedagogy was sparked. Through this passion, Isabella was compelled to change careers and enrolled in a Master of Teaching at university.

Soon after finishing her degree, Isabella started at Tarremah in Class 1 and today teaches class 2. She loves the genuine, supportive, caring and committed community at Tarremah, and enjoys watching the children learn and grow.

Away from school, Isabella loves Biodynamic farming for self-sufficiency, bushwalking, skiing, bike riding, rock-climbing, craft, reading and dogs.

Carmen Nielsen

Teaching Assistant

Carmen brings a diverse working background to Tarremah, having experience in early childhood development, indigenous education programs, and working in the aged care and disability sectors.

Having started her Tarremah journey as a kindergarten and prep assistant, Carmen now works in class 6, supporting students on more of an individual basis, as well as contributing to the school’s Wellbeing Team.

Carmen finds immense joy in witnessing children’s growth and learning, and loves building trust, nurturing independence, and observing their development.

Outside of school, Carmen finds solace in gardening, yoga, bushwalks, and riding her motorbike.

Brett Tait

Secondary Teacher

Before joining Tarremah, Brett worked in various private and public schools in Sydney and Melbourne, teaching Art, English, and Mathematics, before undertaking the Steiner teacher training course at Glenaeon. At Tarremah Brett teaches English, history, and art, and is a Class Guardian.

Brett loves working at Tarremah because it allows him to engage in meaningful work that makes an impact on others.

Outside of work, Brett enjoys reading and walking his dog on the walking tracks of Kunanyi.  

Greg Orr

Secondary Teacher

Greg studied a Bachelor of Education in Human Movement and Health Education in Sydney before teaching in a range of independent and public schools for 9 years.

Whilst investigating schooling options for their oldest child, Greg and his wife began looking into Steiner schools, feeling that Steiner Education resolved issues he had encountered in mainstream education. 

Currently Greg teaches the PE and movement program to classes 4-10, Health education to classes 6-10, and the Physiology science program, as well as being a class guardian in the High School.

He loves the wholistic and balanced approach to education of children at Tarremah and the genuine collaboration between parents and teaching staff.

Away from school, Greg has four small children and loves hiking and exploring Tasmania across the seasons, baking all things with sourdough, cooking, music and gardening.

Katie Newfield

Secondary Teacher

Katie is our Class 8 Guardian and English/Drama Teacher for the High School. She loves every aspect of the Steiner curriculum which she finds so purposeful and considered alongside a child’s development, “I love that it takes into account the whole child without sacrificing rigour. I love that it prioritises beauty, truth, and goodness.”

Prior to Tarremah, Katie worked as head of English in the public education system and completed her teacher training through the Teach for Australia program. Her first exposure to Tarremah came through family and friends, attending high school plays and festivals, while keeping her eye out for any work opportunities.

In her spare time Katie is a voracious reader and loves theatre, film, sewing clothes, cooking, bike-touring, hiking and being outdoors.

Emily Wolfe

Strings Teacher

Emily Wolfe has been working at Tarremah Steiner School since 2015, leading the strings program teaching classes four-six in violin and cello. She is one of the most versatile contemporary violinists in Hobart playing in various bands around the state and has toured interstate.

Emily has studied at the Conservatorium of Music, finishing a bachelor’s degree in contemporary violin, and went to a Masters of Teaching at the University of Tasmania.


Frank Toman

Outdoor Education Teacher

Frank has taught in many different schools since 1991, before finding a home at Tarremah. He was a pioneering teacher of the high school before realizing a passion in outdoor education.

Frank believes it is the Tasmanian bush which originally brought many folk to live here.  In his own words, “My own small children are beginning to experience the wonders and realness of this world … so I’m discovering anew the delight of going slowly and being in the moment.”


Gina Rose

Music Co-ordinator / Teacher 1-10

Gina has an extensive background in music. She has trained as a classical singer in opera, oratorio and music, taught and conducted at various institutions, and studied across the world.

She won a scholarship to train in ANAM, and through her study in music pedagogy won a Churchill Trust Fellowship to travel and study across Finland (Sibelius Institute, Hungary (Kodaly Institute) and London (Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama).

After teaching voice in her own studio for some time, Gina was drawn to the appeal of working with more young people in a vibrant, creative school, which valued the arts, like Tarremah.

Today, she teaches music from class 1 – 10 as well as coordinating the music program across the school, teaching choirs and instrumental ensembles, and preparing singing for festivals and concerts. She loves seeing the children display their unique selves, their spontaneity and creativity, and the joy in music making.

Outside of school, Gina loves all things gardening; plants, flowers, fresh produce. She loves good coffee, good people and good relaxing… and sometimes ventures back into professional singing!

Hayley Platts

Japanese Teacher

Hayley studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours at UTAS, majoring in Japanese and Journalism. In 2014, after teaching Japanese at several schools around Hobart, Hayley joined Tarremah as a Japanese teacher. Since then, Hayley’s role has evolved, and she has held various responsibilities such as being a High School Guardian, and teaching Primary PE, Geography, Media Studies, and Cooking. Today Hayley teaches Japanese to Classes 5-10 in a part-time capacity.

As well as being the mother of a toddler, Hayley loves being part of the Tarremah community and enjoys watching the students develop into wonderful young people. 

Jade Stephens

Japanese Teacher Class 1-4

Jade teaches Japanese language and culture to classes 1-4 at Tarremah, a subject she is extremely passionate about, and a role she thoroughly enjoys. Using storytelling, craft making, singing and game playing, she aims to instil curiosity and interest in Japanese culture and language with the children.

Jade brings vast experience to her role, having taught in various international schools across Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia and predominantly Japan, where she taught for more than 12 years.

In her spare time Jade is drawn to all things water related, such as snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, and building sandcastles with her daughter.

Jesse Johnston

Maths and Science Teacher

Jesse has recently entered the world of teaching and has joined Tarremah as a mathematics, science, and IT teacher for the high school classes.

She has a genuine love for exploring mathematics, and Tarremah has offered the flexibility to run lessons that provide more opportunity for her to share this love of mathematics with her students.


John Correy

Outdoor Education

John utilises his years of experience as a primary and high school teacher.  He has been both a primary and high school teacher at Tarremah and has co-ordinated pathways programmes and work experience in the upper classes.

Being a science, mathematics and outdoor specialist John felt that Tarremah offered such diverse educational opportunities much richer in the arts, music and academic areas than his own schooling.

With a love of the outdoors, John co-ordinates the outdoor education program which takes him on many journeys around Tasmania.  A true bush-man, John spends the school holidays ‘somewhere’ in remote Tasmania.


Margaret Perversi

Craft Teacher

Having taught for a year in the public system in Melbourne, Margaret vowed to never teach again. Ten years later, as a mother of two in Hobart, she met Maria Rofe, one of the founding teachers. Maria’s depth of knowledge and passion for Waldorf education kindled a fire which has fuelled Margaret ever since.

Margaret has worked across various roles, both at Tarremah and Sophia Mundi Stenier School in Melbourne, and today works as our Handwork Teacher. She is also a member of the College of Teachers and is currently serving as an Executive member of the College.

Away from school, Maria enjoys spending time with family and friends exploring the natural environment, parks, gardens, museums, and art galleries. She loves the cinema and reading literary fiction, riding a push bike, singing in a choir and enjoys contemporary dance.

Rosie Barry

Craft Teacher

Rosie grew up in Hobart, studied Education at UTAS, and taught both primary and secondary classes in mainstream schools across Australia and overseas for ten years, before taking a break to raise her family.

She returned to work as a Teacher’s Assistant at Tarremah and is today the class 7 craft teacher, and co-facilitates the student sustainability group, the Susteinerbles, who are committed to finding ways to preserve and protect the environment.

Rosie cares deeply about two things; the environment, and the mental health of elderly people. In her free time, Rosie runs a voluntary program supporting seniors to be socially active and intellectually stimulated. Outside of that, her favourite hobbies are hiking, camping, and attending regular gym classes for fun and fitness.

Michael Rowland

Landcraft Teacher

Michael has a 45-year career spanning automotive, construction, farming, education, and nature conservation. At Tarremah, he has taught classes one to ten in Drama, Humanities, Music, and Ag Science.

Currently teaching Gardening and Landcraft, Michael aims for students to appreciate and respect the forces at work in nature. He fosters a range of skills and competencies in growing food, managing a small farm environment, and nurturing insects and organisms. He also works with students to forge steel and build structures with stone, wood, and wire.

Outside of school, Michael loves boats, bees, bonsais, books, films, and quiet nature respites. He also loves spending time in his shed repairing, designing, and creating with timber and steel.

Sue Bottrill

Primary Learning Support

Before Tarremah, Sue taught in Mt Isa and Broken Hill, as well as working in Jewellery and in Nurseries.

As the Primary learning support teacher, Sue works to build confidence and self-belief in students, predominantly in the areas of literacy and maths, while building a range of strategies and flexible thinking.

Her favourite part of her role is seeing the tiny signs of pride that show on a child’s face as they ‘crack the code’ or accomplish something they believed was beyond them.

In her spare time, Sue loves gardening, particularly witnessing the beauty and bounty her little piece of earth can produce when nurtured lovingly. She also loves making things and shuffling pieces of glass, tile, paper or cloth to assemble them into something worthy.

Ursula Miklauschina

German Teacher

Ursula worked as a German, French and English teacher in Switzerland, and prior to starting at Tarremah, worked with Parks and Wildlife at Hastings Caves for several years. However, Ursula missed being a teacher and successfully applied for the role of German Teacher at Tarremah.

Today she teaches German to all grades and facilitates the German Exchange program for students in class 10.

Ursula loves guiding and accompanying children on their journey of learning and watching them develop and grow into caring, compassionate, and independent thinkers who assume an active part in the world.

In her spare time Ursula works on her farm, taking care of different animals such as cattle, sheep, poultry and two border collies, while also driving tractors, feeding out hay and silage, fencing, gardening and much more.

Away from school, Ursula loves reading and has grown to prefer Australian authors above all.

Annette Fuhr-Evitt

Teaching Assistant

Having studied pedagogy in Germany, Annette emigrated to Australia in 1990 and, after having her children, enrolled in a Steiner course at Tarremah. From this she started volunteering at the school and a few years later, was offered employment by the school.

After retiring from her position as a Kindergarten teacher in 2022, she transitioned to the role of Teacher’s Assistant in the primary school, where she supports students and teachers alike.

Annette has a passion for Steiner education, in particular how well the understanding of child development underpins the curriculum and loves working in the collegial and respectful environment of Tarremah.

Outside of school, Annette loves walking, travelling, reading and lifelong learning.

James Pepperell

Guidance Counsellor

Before starting as a Teacher’s Aide at Tarremah, James studied Psychology and Anthropology at university, and worked as a Youth Health Worker and a Manual Labourer.

Today, James works as the school’s Guidance Counsellor, a role which has grown and evolved since he originally started as School Chaplain.

Today James’ role has a focus on working one-on-one with students, staff, and the community to support problem-solving and wellbeing, and loves the supportive environment at Tarremah.

In his spare time James loves camping, reading, playing video games and wood carving.

Arianna (Arna) Adams

Teaching Assistant

Before arriving at Tarremah, Arna spent time as a stay-at-home Mum, lived on Thursday Island for a few years, and worked in marine biology, scuba diving around the marine parks of Southern Australia.

Having observed how the difference between a child thriving and experiencing difficulty was often very little, Arna felt compelled to support children to succeed.

Inspired by Tarremah through the attendance of her own children, and from engaging with the school community, she is now the Teacher’s Aide in Pipit. In this role Arna works with some of the youngest students at the school and loves supporting them to grow, develop, learn, and discover both themselves and the world around them.

Away from school, Arna loves being with family in the outdoors, bushwalking, camping, gardening and being in and around the water.

Karen Bright

Playgroup Co-ordinator

Karen is our playgroup facilitator, a role which involves creating a sanctuary of play for children and an oasis of peace and friendship for parents. She achieves this by thoughtfully planning each session to include storytelling, games, songs, and various other activities.

Prior to Tarremah, Karen worked in Finance and Banking and discovered Steiner education through the Flannel Flower Playgroup in 1991. Since then, she has continued learning and studying in the field of Steiner education through various courses.

Karen aims to create the most favourable environment for children to learn and grow and loves supporting parents in the most important role in their life.

Away from school Karen enjoys being in the garden, cooking, creating art and craft, reading, photographing our beautiful island nature, and sharing good times with family and friends.

Rebecca Molyneux

Extra Lesson Teacher

Rebecca is the Extra Lesson Teacher at Tarremah, which involves working with movement, speech, and painting exercises, such that the early developmental task of coming into possession of the physical body is completed. Rebecca is forever fascinated and in awe of this now herculean task of coming into physical earthly life.

Before working at Tarremah Rebecca worked cross-culturally with people from refugee backgrounds in Brisbane and Darwin, a role she loved due to living with so many different people, languages, and stories.

Sarah Webb

Secondary Learning Support Co-ordinator

Before starting at Tarremah, Sarah taught in Brisbane, London and across Tasmania. She has worked as the librarian t Tarremah and now manages The Nest, which is an inclusive space for all students to spend time, whether needing learning support, regulation or just a quiet space for a break.

She also works in collaboration with parents, colleagues, children, and specialists to plan and implement evidence-based intervention programs and learning adjustments supporting students in adapting and overcoming challenges that emerge due to learning difficulties. 

She loves the wonder and inquiring nature of the children and the collaborative way the Tarremah staff work to meet the needs of the children.

Away from school, she likes to listen to music, garden, camp and bushwalk with her family.

Stephanie Perry

Strings Teacher

Stephanie has taught Violin and Cello for more than 30 years in a number of schools, both public and private, and as a private tutor. Her formal teaching background is as a primary and high school music teacher, and she developed and conducted a combined strings program across North West Tasmania, involving a number of schools.

Today, Stephanie teaches beginner cello and violin for students in classes 4,5 and 6. Through this role she fosters creativity in musicianship amongst the students and enjoys their curiosity and enthusiasm.

In her spare time Stephanie loves playing stringed instruments both for leisure and in an orchestra, as well as Camping, Fishing and being a grandmother.

Abbey Vincent

Library Technician

Abbey, Tarremah’s wonderful Library Technician, brings a diploma in Library and Information Services along with a wealth of knowledge and passion to the school.

In her current role, Abbey manages the function of the library, including the purchasing and processing of books, repairing items, and reading stories to classes. She loves making recommendations and helping staff and students find what they need and is even happier hearing that someone loved her recommendation.

Outside of work, Abbey’s hobbies and interests include gardening, reading, and starting craft projects such as crochet, felting, and embroidery (although she admits to rarely finishing them!).

Kim Merhulik

Education Administrator

Kim has over 26 years of teaching experience across the world, having taught in the UK, Japan, and across Tasmania before discovering Tarremah l in 2004.

Starting as a relief teacher in Japanese and EAL, Kim was employed as a class teacher in 2007. In 2021 she was appointed Education Administrator which involves updating school policies, coordinating relief staff, running NAPLAN and PISA tests, and overseeing teacher planning and assessments. Kim loves the community spirit at Tarremah and the collegiality amongst the staff.

When not at school, Kim enjoys spending time with her family, bushwalking, travelling, SCUBA diving, and reading good books.

Mandy Silversides

Education Facilitator

Mandy is an experienced Steiner educator, having over 13 years’ experience as a class teacher at Kamaroi Steiner School before moving to Tasmania.

Mandy was attracted to Tarremah by the school’s unique approach and collaborative leadership structure, leading her to apply for her current role.

Today, as a member of the School Executive, Mandy’s responsibilities include supporting teachers, students, and parents through organising professional development, community education, learning programs, mentorship, and specialist support. She also teaches in the library and enjoys working collaboratively with colleagues to support children on their educational journey.

Outside of work, Mandy loves reading, craft, swimming, kayaking, camping, and spending time with her family.

Therese Chilcott

Executive Assistant & Enrolments Officer

After being a stay at home mum with her two children for 6 years, Therese held a number of administrative roles. She originally applied for her role 14 years ago, seeking a position that allowed her to work school hours and have school holidays off so she could continue to be present as a mum.

As her children have grown, so has her role at Tarremah and she now works year round, managing all incoming and outgoing students, conducting administration tasks for the school executive, assisting the school chair, overseeing reception and many other administrative duties.

Outside of work, Therese loves spending time with family and friends, and dragon boat paddling, which helps her to keep fit both mentally and physically.


Grace Johnson


Grace learnt the ins and outs of administration through her work in the disability sector and, before this, worked for Hill Street Grocer.

While scrolling through social media one night Grace came across an ad for a role at Tarremah and, in the spur of the moment, clicked ‘apply’. The rest, as they say in the classics, is history and today she says it was the best decision she ever made. She manages the vast and varied roles and responsibilities of the front of house at Tarremah, and she loves the culture, people and students at Tarremah.

In her spare time, Grace has a Poll Hereford farm south of Huonville. She and her dad have a huge passion for working dogs and she loves horses, having grown up riding and showing horses competitively in Agricultural and Royal shows across Tasmania.

Emma Jo Davies

Primary Teacher

Emma has degrees in both Fine Arts (painting) and Communications and has spent most of her professional life working in the arts industry as well as a yoga teacher.

Emma’s interest in education began in 2016, when she started working as a Teacher’s Assistant. She started at Tarremah in 2020, where she instantly felt at home, and began relief teaching upon completing her Master of Teaching. Today, as class six teacher, she leads class six through the curriculum of their final year of primary school.

Emma loves the wholistic approach to development of students at Tarremah and feels that the integration of song, movement, visual arts and nature in to the learning experience aligned with her approach to life.

When not at school, you’ll find Emma in the outdoors, doing yoga, making art or spending time with family and friends.

Kevin Roberts

IT Manager

Kevin was a computer programmer systems analyst across many commercial and NGO’s in the UK before moving to Tasmania and, prior to Tarremah, worked at the Wilderness Society.

Kevin is instrumental in setting up and maintaining the schools new Learning Management Systems as well as providing support to Teachers, Parents and Students in the use of IT systems within the school.

In his spare time, Kevin loves Golf (gentle meditative stroll), Football (watching not kicking), reading, coding and fixing.

Sarah Hingston

Primary Teacher

Sarah has worked in Tasmanian Primary schools since graduating in 2004, with stints teaching and travelling in Japan, Kenya and other countries. Sarah has a long affiliation with Tarremah through many different roles, starting as a classroom teacher in 2006 with class 4 and then again in 2022 with Class 6.

Sarah loves the environment at Tarremah, the artistic freedom for teachers and feels that the curriculum aligns beautifully with child development.

Sarah loves travelling with her family, particularly exploring new places by cycling and hiking. At home she loves bushwalking and camping, as well as being in her garden, walking her dog and reading.

Shawn Mclaren

Primary Teacher

Shawn’s journey to Tarremah began in Engineering and Finance. Having worked in the corporate sector for 6 years before coming to realise that the work he was doing was not making a positive contribution to the world. He shifted his attention from money and work to teaching yoga and meditation in India for 5 years and sharing the value that focus and mindfulness played in his life.

Upon having a daughter and realizing the importance of education, he discovered Steiner education, which led him to a role as a Teaching Aide, whilst studying a Masters in Education. Shawn was offered a position as class teacher upon graduation, which he gleefully accepted, and today sees first-hand the wonderful pedagogy that is woven into the fabric of Tarremah.

He loves everything about working at Tarremah, but to pick one, it’s the supportive people that he loves most.

Away from school Shawn loves rock-climbing, slacklining and mountain biking, as well as yoga and meditation.

Page Tobelmann

Teaching Assistant

Page worked as a medical research assistant before finding an opportunity to join Tarremah as a Teacher’s Aide, focussed on assisting high school students in maths. Today she assists in the classroom with class 9 and in maths with classes 7 and 8.

Page loves the supportive culture of Tarremah and enjoys learning from the students she works with.

When not at school Page enjoys gardening, bushwalking and spending time with family.

Susan Vincent

Primary Learning Support

Matt Bale

School Chair

Before working at Tarremah, I spent 15 years running my own business as a furniture designer.

After teaching for at Tarremah for a few years I took a keen interest in how the School was managed, this led to an invitation to join the School Executive five years later to consider transitioning to the position of School Chair.

As School Chair I am responsible for ensuring the School has policies and procedures in place to support operation of the School, its staff and students.  The role requires a keen focus on the myriad of relationships in the School community, ensuring all staff are able to participate in the republican management.  Under this model our dedicated staff take on the responsibility of contributing to the School’s management directly or by delegation to representative.

I love working within a community which is deeply committed to empowering children to become free members of society inspired to be active contributors if not the creators our future.  I love seeing the children develop their confidence in a diverse range of endeavours.

I love spending time with my partner and children, sadly all a little older now, with two having left the nest. I love creating new things, we live on a small acreage so there always projects on the go. I’m most at home in the great outdoors, I love being on the water, camping or exploring somewhere wild.

Abbey Vincent

Library technician

I was working at Woolworths whilst I completed my diploma in Library and Information Services.

Library positions were circulated to people completing the course at TAFE and it was suggested to me that I should apply for the role, as my supervisor thought it would be a good fit.

I manage the daily tasks within the Library. Purchase and process incoming books, repair items, read stories to classes, recommend and gather resources for staff. I also take photos of special events and festivals throughout the year.

Being able to help anyone who walks through the door find what they need. Whether it’s a particular teaching resource or a fiction recommendation for students. I enjoy being able to point them in the right direction and am very happy when they come back and tell me they LOVED the book!! Building that trust is very important to me.

I love and greatly enjoy gardening and reading. I also like starting numerous crafty projects like crochet, felting, embroidery and then never finishing them!

Annette Fuhr-Evitt

Teacher’s Assistant

I studied pedagogy in Germany and emigrated to Australia in 1990. After the birth of my children I found Tarremah, studied Steiner education in a course run at Tarremah and was employed after a couple of years of volunteer work.

After retiring from working as a Kindergarten teacher in 2022, I was very fortunate to be offered a position as a teacher’s assistant in the primary school.

In my role as a teacher’s assistant I help the teacher with practical tasks and also support children when they need help.

I am still excited about the curriculum and the understanding of child development that underpins Steiner education. I love seeing the children work with the curriculum and witnessing how well it meets their stage of development. I also love working in such a collegial and respectful environment, where everybody is able to contribute.

Walking, travelling, reading and learning more.

Brett Tait

History English Art, Class 10 Guardian Teacher

I worked in a variety of private and public schools in NSW and Melbourne, where I taught Art, English, even mathematics at one point!

I was looking into what schooling would be best for my children. And a friend had recommended Steiner School. So I began a teacher training course for Steiner pedagogy at Glenaeon. And the rest is history!

I look after my class, and liaise with their parents as they move through the high school, preparing them for College years. I teach English which means i get to teach great works of literature and poetry, as well as film etc. In History we cover from the discovery of fire, through to the digital revolution and it’s impact on recent political issues. And in art we sculpt, paint, sketch and marvel at great works of art, both by the masters throughout history, and at one another’s amazing works of art.

This is the chance to engage in work that is meaningful. -That is making an impact on other people. -That is modern and revolutionary. It takes teaching into the realm of art form, and employment and service into the realm of activism.

I love walking my dog in the wilderness around our property. I love art, and creative writing, and stitching and music, and cooking and well…anything creative really.

It’s a privilege to be able to teach the children at here. It’s a wonderful community. And I’m really proud to be able to play a part in it’s growth and development.

Carmen Nielsen

Teacher's Assistant

I have had many varied  roles over the past 15 years , predominantly in early childhood development and care, community aged care and disability work. Additionally I have participated in educational   programmes including work in Indigenous space.

I started my journey at Tarremah assisting in the kindergarten and prep. Returning from a break  I moved  toward working with children more on an individual basis within the class setting . I am currently based in Class 6.

As a TA in class 6, i provide support to both Emma Jo and the students , by creating a safe and stimulating enviroment where the children feel welcome and ready to learn. I am also a member of the school Welllbeing Team.

What I really love about working at Tarremah is the children. Seeing them grow and learn and become. Being there for them when there is a struggle and building trust.  Observing children learning to be independent. Tarremah school  is an inspiring and enjoyable place to work.

Outside of school life, i love getting in  my garden, practising yoga, bushwalks and riding my motorbike.

Derrel Brunk

Teacher's Assistant

I trained as an Aide about 33 years ago. I have worked in various schools as a class Aide, in the library, office and more. I have also home schooled my 3 children whilst travelling Australia with School of the Air.

As an unemployed over 60 I had to volunteer work to gain Centrelink help. I did 15 hours per fortnight here until some paid work was offered.

I am Margaret’s Aide in the craft room. I set up and clean up for the classes and aid the children when needed or as directed by Margaret.

The community feel, everyone knows everyone. Lot’s of friendships and caring.

I love reading, embroidery, patchwork, textile art and gardening.

I have only been here around 4 years and look forward to exploring the rest of this beautiful state.

Emma Jo

Class Six Teacher

I have undergraduate degrees in both Fine Arts (Painting) from the Victorian College of the Arts, and Communications (Media) from RMIT University.

Most of my professional life has been spent working within the arts as an artist, as well as for commercial and institutional galleries, art fairs, events, and as an artist assistant.

I have also been teaching hatha yoga for the past seven years.

I began working as a teachers assistant in 2016, which is when my true interest in education began.

I started teacher assisting at Tarremah in 2020, where I felt very much at home. On completing a Master of Teaching, I began relief teaching.

Leading the class sixes through a rich curriculum for their final year of primary school!

A school community that refreshingly prioritises the development of the ‘whole child’ in their physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive aspects, with learning environments that offered students’ meaningful opportunities to develop at their own pace and grow into their potential. Within classrooms at Tarremah I felt personally aligned with my creative and spiritual approach to life, and invigorated by the prominent integration of song, movement, visual arts and nature in learning experiences.

The outdoors, yoga, art making and time with friends and family.

Frank Toman

Outdoor Education Teacher

I’ve been a maths, science, phys ed and outdoor ed teacher for 30+ years now in Australia and overseas.  Sometimes I’d also find myself in a commercial kitchen … having fun in other ways.

When Tarremah was first growing it’s high school legs in ’04 I applied for the maths/science position.  I’ve since taken on organising and implementing the outdoor education program with my trusty comrade sir John!

Taking children out camping is the easy (and fun!) part.  There’s a lot of time sitting on the computer ticking the boxes (timetable, staff, buses, venues, risk assessments, medical forms etc).  Auditing and cleaning gear falls into my lap, as does checking a venue prior to camp.  Visiting and organising the children and parents so that we all have a safe as well as rewarding experience is integral to my role.

Outdoor Ed is amazingly supported by my teaching colleagues and the admin/office staff … making my job so much easier (and even graceful on some days!).  I appreciate the autonomy and trust I am given by the school and parents.  I love the stoke that children have when they’re stepping out and up into their best selves when outside in the real world away from screens and distractions … even if it’s not always sunshine and toasting marshmallows.  And I really enjoy the simplicity and ‘here now, doing this’ of life when camping, and being constantly awed by Tasmania when you step away from the city lights.

The mountains and rivers and ocean of Tasmania are why we originally made a home here in Tasmania … and they continue to inspire and guide our days nights when we’re not wrangling our children.  There’s also the garden to tend, the pizza oven to fire up and the sourdough to play with.  The girls are growing up and into themselves and it’s a joy to be sharing adventures alongside their stellar selves.  And any day when the planets align and I manage to go for a run is wonderful … else the bike makes for a distant second place.

How good is Tassie?! (insert love heart emoji here …)

Hayley Platts

Secondary Teacher

Prior to working at Tarremah, I studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours at UTAS, majoring in Japanese and Journalism. I then went on to complete a Master of Teaching while I worked as an Assistant Language teacher in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

After I completed my studies and my work in Japan, I taught Japanese at a number of schools around Hobart.

My predecessor, John Kertesz, contacted me to let me know that he was completing his teaching at Tarremah, and he wondered if I would like to apply for his position. I began working at Tarremah in 2014 as a Japanese teacher, and over the years my role evolved into: High School Guardian from 2015-2020, Primary PE teacher, Geography, Media Studies and Cooking teacher.

I returned to teaching after taking most of 2022 off for maternity leave while I cared for my new daughter, Ellie. I am now back in a part-time capacity, teaching Japanese to Classes 5-10.

I love being part of the Tarremah Community, and watching our students develop into the most wonderful young people.

At the moment my time away from school revolves around being a mum to a toddler! But in the past I have been part of the Southern Gospel Choir, a keen runner, and a karaoke enthusiast.

James Pepperell

Guidance Counsellor

I studied psychology and anthropology at University. I previously worked as a youth health worker and manual labourer.

I began here as a TA, and soon after took on the role of Chaplain, which continued to grow and has now expanded into a larger guidance counselling role, with a focus on one-on-one work.

Supporting the wellbeing of the students, staff and community. Working with individuals to discuss and problem solve various challenges. Referring on when appropriate.

The supportive staff and unique way I am able to work in the Tarremah environment.

Camping, reading, video games and wood carving.

Jade Stephens

Japanese Teacher

I’ve taught in various international schools across Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia and primarily in Japan. I held the position of grade 2 homeroom teacher in an English immersion school in Tokyo from 2008-2017.

I returned to Tasmania 3 years ago after working in Tokyo for 12+ years. I applied for the advertised position.

I teach Japanese language and culture through storytelling, craft making, singing songs and playing games.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching a subject I am so passionate about and aim to instil curiosity and interest in Japanese culture and language.

I love all things water related including snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and building sandcastles with my daughter.

Karen Bright

Playgroup Facilitator

I began my life as a secretary working in finance and banking! I first discovered Steiner education in 1991 when I opened my home to the Flannel Flower Playgroup. This led me to do more study in the field of Steiner Education, including the Playgroup Leader’s course, the foundation course at Parsival College and the Community Supported Postpartum Care course (just last year!).

Through my love for my children I wanted to create the most favourable environment for them to learn and grow, and for them to experience the milk and honey of life in their early years. This grew into my discovery of Steiner Education. The reverence, joy and beauty with which the children were held, in the playgroup at my home resonated with me, and I wanted to be a part of creating this possibility for other parents and children. I was a Kindergarten assistant among other positions, before I finally landed in this role.

Playgroup is often parents first taste of Steiner education! My role as Playgroup Facilitator is to provide a sanctuary of play for children and an oasis of peace and friendship for parents. Each playgroup session is thoughtfully planned, includes Seasonal storytelling, circle songs and games, baking, inside free play, morning tea, outside free play and parent craft. Behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation and admin (of course!).

Working alongside colleagues who share common values. I am passionate about Steiner education and love working in Early Childhood, supporting parents in the most important role in their life!

I enjoy being in the garden, photographing our beautiful island nature, cooking, creating art and craft, reading, sharing good times with family and friends.

Katie Newfield

Secondary Teacher

Previous to Tarremah, I worked in the public system as head of English. I completed my teacher training through the Teach for Australia program which places teachers in hard-to-staff schools.

I had already been a member of the Tarremah community through family and friends. I had attended the high school plays and festivals and was keeping my eye out for any opportunities for work.

I am the Class 8 Guardian and the English/Drama Teacher for the High School. My role involves pastoral care for Class 8, Main Lesson and classroom English teaching. I also lead two major drama productions for Class 8 and 10.

I love the purposeful curriculum. Every aspect of it is carefully considered alongside a child’s development. I love that it takes into account the whole child without sacrificing rigour. I love that it prioritises beauty, truth and goodness. I also enjoy knowing all the students so well, and the supportive and passionate staff.

I’m a voracious reader, I love hiking and being outdoors. I love theatre and film. I enjoy sewing clothes, cooking and bike-touring.

Margaret Perversi

Hardwork Teacher

Many decades ago I taught for a year in the public system in Melbourne and vowed I would never teach again. Fast forward ten years and I found myself in Hobart, a mother of two young children. Within weeks I was introduced to an initiative in a side street off Macquarie street. It was a new school. Tarremah school for Rudolf Steiner Education. At their first Open Day a few weeks later, I met Maria Rofe, one of the founding teachers. Her depth of knowledge and passion for Waldorf education kindled a fire in me and I have been actively engaged with Waldorf education and anthroposophy ever since, initially as a pioneering parent and then as a Class Teacher.

After finishing my Class Teacher cycle in 2002, I was filled a position teaching  handcraft and singing to all classes across Primary School. I spent from January 2012 to December 2017 teaching handcraft at Sophia Mundi Steiner School in Melbourne. After my return to Tasmania, I recommenced working at Tarremah and was very happy to fill a vacancy and teach Handcraft once again.

I teach handcraft skills to students from Class 1 to Class 6 as well as Handcraft and Cooking to the Class 8 students. I am also a member of the College of Teachers and am currently serving as an Executive member of the College.

I love working with children of every age. I am passionate about sharing my love of textiles, colour and handwork skills. I value working with the collective wisdom of my dedicated colleagues to implement the rich and rewarding Steiner Curriculum in the nurturing Tarremah community.

Outside my working week I enjoy spending time with family and friends exploring the natural environment, parks, gardens, museums and art galleries. I love the cinema and reading literary fiction. Riding a push bike, singing in a choir and contemporary dance are also some of my favourite things!

I am currently completing the final unit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Tasmania. I have three adult children who were students in the pioneering phase of Tarremah and am now blessed to be grandmother to two new Tarremah students in the Early Childhood Centre.

Mandy Silversides

Education Facilitator

I had been working as a Class Teacher for 15 years, 13 of those years at Kamaroi Steiner School in Sydney.

I was interested in working in a school which had a more collaborative Leadership structure. I was in between Class Teaching Cycles, and looking at what was happening at other schools during National Conferences and Delegates meetings etc. I saw the position advertised at Tarremah and was very interested, as it was such a unique position and school.

I work to support teachers, students and parents in various ways! In consultation with teachers and the wider community, I organise Professional Development, Community Education, various Learning Programs and specialist support. I team teach with, and mentor Class Teachers, and also teach in the library. I am part of the School Executive who is responsible for representing the broader College, and ensuring our educational programs and practices support the needs of our students. I also meet with all staff to engage in their yearly Review and Development process, as well as closely supporting new teachers in the school.

I love working with my colleagues in support of the children on their educational path. That my work is meaningful, collaborative and focused on relationships. I think we have an incredible curriculum and a desire amongst the staff to develop themselves in service of the children.

I love reading, craft, swimming (more likely kayaking in Tassie), camping and time with my family.

Michael Rowland

Gardening & Landcraft Teacher

Before Tarremah I worked for 45 years across a range of industries including manufacturing, automotive and metal trades, construction, farming, education and nature conservation. I have taught, Drama, Music, Humanities and Ag Science.

My children attended Tarremah from playgroup in the 90’s.  From then I have found a strong resonance with Rudolf Steiner’s indications and the enfolding environment Tarremah nurtures. I was strongly attracted to the role I now hold and the scope available to build a diverse course of study which will teach practical skills, nurture freedom and the love for learning.

As the Gardening and Landcraft Teacher I work with the classes from one through to ten.  I hope to foster skills and competency in the work required to grow food and manage a small farm environment, whilst learning to love and nurture the insects and organisms found when working. It is grounding for the students appreciate and respect the forces at work in nature and around us.  By Class 10 I hope the students will have experience and confidence to approach working with soil, vegetables, orchard trees, flowers and bees; forging steel and building structures with stone, wood and wire.

My greatest joy is working with young people, encouraging laughter and the pleasure of completing tasks well. I love the coherence of the staff and sense of unified purpose we have striving to foster each individual to become, happy, motivated and personally self-confident.

In my life outside the school I work with boats, bees and bonsais.  I love reading and film, sailing and quiet time in nature.  I am also nourished by spending time in my shed repairing, designing and creating in timber and steel.

Page Tobelmann

Teacher Assistant

I worked as a medical research assistant.

I was looking for a job as a teacher assistant, and was thrilled to find an opportunity working with maths with high school students at Tarremah.

I am a classroom teacher assistant with Class 9 and also help in maths for classes 7 and 8.

I love the supportive culture, and I enjoy learning every day from the students I work with.

I enjoy gardening, bushwalking, and spending time with my family.

Rebecca Molyneux

Extra Lesson teacher

Before working at Tarremah I worked cross-culturally with people from refugee background in Brisbane and Darwin. I loved these years living with so many different people and languages and stories.

The Extra Lesson comes from the work of Audrey McAllen and is all about working with the child/young person with movement, speech and painting exercises such that the early developmental task of coming into possession of the physical body is completed. Rebecca is forever fascinated and in awe of this now herculean task of coming into physical earthly life. Of great value is the student’s individualised expression and individualised thinking faculty and this The Extra Lesson program works to support.

Sarah Webb

Secondary Learning Support Coordinator

I have been a classroom teacher for 20 years in Brisbane and London. I was a teacher librarian for 3 years in Tasmania. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Education and then became a learning support teacher with the Tasmanian Education Department.

After working at Tarremah for a brief time as the librarian, I knew that I would eventually return. My new-found passion for inclusive education led me to apply for the learning support role when it became available.

I manage The Nest, which is an inclusive space for all students to spend time. Whether they need learning support, regulation or just a quiet space for a break, all students are welcome.

In collaboration with parents, colleagues, children and specialists I also plan and implement evidence-based intervention programs and learning adjustments to support students in adapting and overcoming challenges that emerge due to learning difficulties.  

I love the wonder and inquiring nature of the children. I love the collaborative way the staff work together to meet the needs of the children.

I like to listen to music, garden, camp and bushwalk with my family.

Stephanie Perry

Strings Teacher

I have been teaching Violin and Cello for around 30 years. I have worked in a number of schools, both public and private as well as private tutoring of students.

My formal teaching background is as a primary and high school music teacher on the North-West Coast of Tasmania where I developed and conducted a combined strings program involving a number of schools.

A position became available due to a staff member going on maternity leave. I had the right mix of skills, experience and personality so I applied for the position.

My role at Tarremah includes teaching beginner cello and violin for students in classes 4,5 and 6.

I enjoy my role at Tarremah as the students are curious and enthusiastic learners and it gives me a chance to foster creativity in musicianship amongst them.

Playing stringed instruments both for leisure and in an orchestra, Camping, Fishing, being a grandmother.

Sue Bottrill

Primary Learning Support

  • Teacher in Charge preschool in Mt Isa
  • Infant Teacher in Broken Hill
  • Primary Teacher/ librarian and learning support roles in John Paul II school in Rokeby
  • Plant Nursery attendant/ Bulk jewellery purchaser/ jewellery shop assistant x2

Was running a playgroup at school and from home when my youngest was little. Was asked to take on Class 5-6 in team teaching role with John Correy for about 7 months. Did some special needs work. Then asked for following year if i would take on a Learning support role within the school. Also did craft teaching and Extra Lesson training. Worked with Learning Support for years 1- 8 for a number of years.

To build confidence and skill in students, predominately in the areas of literacy and maths. Support self -belief and build a range of strategies and flexible thinking. Support teacher preparation of Learning Plans to ensure suitable adjustments are provided to allow student access to the curriculum.

  • That unfolding of reading interest and skill as the ‘code is cracked’.
  • That tiny smile of pride when something is accomplished in a child who believed it beyond them.
  • The honest feedback that children will provide.
  • The opportunity a different year brings with different children and different needs, which require different approaches and resources.
  • Good pd that inspires me to be a better person and a better teacher

I love to garden in my little piece of this earth. I love the beauty and bounty it can produce if nurtured lovingly. I adore chopping little pieces of paper or cloth, only to reassemble them in a different manner. Making things is important to me and again shuffling bits of glass or tile to assemble something worthy interests me greatly.

Ursula Miklauschina

German Teacher

I worked as a German, French and English teacher at secondary school level in Switzerland.

I was working for Parks and Wildlife at Hastings Caves for several years, but I missed being a teacher and therefore applied for the position of German Teacher at Tarremah when it was advertised.

I teach German at the school to all grades, from Class One to Ten. I also facilitate and coordinate the German Exchange program for students in Class Ten.

Guiding and accompanying the children on their journey of learning throughout the years. Watching the children develop and grow into caring, compassionate and independent thinkers who assume an active part in the world.

I like working on my farm, taking care of different animals such as cattle, sheep, poultry and two border collies. I do lots of different jobs including tractor driving, feeding out hay and silage, fencing, gardening and many more. I love reading and these days prefer Australian authors above all.

Tarremah is a beautiful workplace with supportive colleagues and staff.