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Tarremah Steiner School 12 Nautilus Grove, Huntingfield TAS 7055

How to Get Involved

As Tarremah is a small school, we benefit greatly from the contributions made by the whole community. Find out some ways you can help below.


Give your time by working in the garden, on building projects or cooking for our school events. The Parents and Friends group works tirelessly holding events and working bees and would love your help.


Provide funding to our building and development program. Parents have gifted money to assist drama productions and to the playgroup.


Help a child attend the school by gifting money towards fee subsidization or support a refugee family to attend the school.

Contact mail@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Give a gift

Donate a book, musical instrument, or a painting. These items could be used by students or could be auctioned or raffled to raise money for the school.

Contact mail@tarremah.tas.edu.au

The Parents and Friends Association

This group of parents help create a thriving social scene at Tarremah. Read more and get involved here.

Heartwarmers Café

Join us at our monthly café in the hall, meet other parents, and learn more about Steiner education. You can also bring craft or activities to share with other parents.

The Tarremah Growers Group

This is a chance to get into planting and growing herbs, veggies and other plants for our major fundraiser, the Spring Fair.

Working Bees

You’ll garden, paint, or make soup for hungry workers. Any skill you have like building, carpentry, or sewing can help make our precious school more beautiful.