Calendar & Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

Tarremah celebrates the rhythm of the year by celebrating the seasons.  Often these festivals are community events where families gather in reverence to celebration.  Past students will often return to the school for seasonal festivals, acknowledging their connection to the community.

Harvest Festival


The Harvest is celebrated with joyful games and a picnic to celebrate the bounty of Autumn. Traditional games of apple bobbing and tug of war are played.  A preparation of biodynamic 500 is made by the children and scattered on the gardens throughout the school.

Lantern Festival


Children enjoy making their own lantern and bringing the light to the darkening winter.  A gathering of families, Tarremah students past and present, and teachers walk together through Huntingfield.  On the school oval, they enjoy a performance of fire twirling by the older children, before making their way homeward.

Winter Spiral


The Winter Spiral is a night of reverence and wonder for children and their parents.  Whilst the school joins together in song, each child walks to the centre of the spiral to light their candle from the mother flame.  Each small flame adds to the growing spiral, celebrating the return of light to the world.

Spring Festival


The school gathers in the amphitheatre to sing seasonal songs and perform plays and musical pieces for the rest of the school.  Together we welcome the birth of new life in the animal and plant kingdoms.

Spring Fair and Open Day


The Tarremah Spring Fair is an event for the whole community.  Thousands of people attend this event each year and get an opportunity to enjoy the traditional games and good quality, wholesome foods at the fair.   The classrooms are open and parents are encouraged to enjoy seeing the children’s work and chat with the teachers.