Our Support Staff

Business Manager

Penny Lane

Penny is our Business Manager.

Front Office

Therese Chilcott

Therese works as Office Manager and Enrolment Officer.

Tracey Howarth

Tracey works as a receptionist at Tarremah.

Teacher Aides

Agnes Reddington

Agnes works in the Early Childhood centre as a Teacher Aide.

Carmen Cuthbert

Carmen works in the Kindergarten as a Teacher Aide, whilst not at school she will be found adventure walking or reading, cooking & eating good food.

Danni Long

Danni is as a Teacher Aide in the Primary School.

Michelle Evans

Michelle is a Teacher Aide in the secondary school with a specialisation in Learning Support.

Robyn Harper

Robyn works as a Teacher-Aide and Relief Teacher at the school and has been doing so since 2006.  She enjoys working in such a friendly and beautiful environment.  Robyn is convenor of the schools’ Environmental and Social Responsibility Committee.  In her spare time she loves planting trees, reading and enjoying the sun.

Rosie Barry

Rosie works as an assistant to the craft teacher in the primary school. She is an experienced crafter and teacher, and a loving mother of four children.

Siri Bjorhusdal

Siri is a Teacher Aide in the Early Childhood Centre.

Sue Vincent

Sue is a Teacher Aide in the primary school with a specialisation in Learning Support.

Administration Staff

Abbey Vincent

Abbey is the Library Technician at Tarremah.

Colin Sinclair

Colin works in Information Technology.

Chris Littlejohn

Chris heads up Information Technology.

Qug McKendrick-King

Qug does a great job being the school gardener as well as helping our Outdoor Education team.

Sam Thompson

Sam works as maintenance and Workplace Health and Safety.

Jo Richardson

Jo organises the Accounts and Payroll.