Our Support Staff

Kim Merhulik – Education Administrator

Kim has had over 25 years teaching experience including years spent in England and Japan. She has been teaching at Tarremah in the primary school as a class teacher for over 14 years and has also spent

some time teaching Japanese in lower primary. As well as being a class teacher, Kim has been an executive member representing the primary faculty for 5 years.

When Kim isn’t teaching she spends her time with her family bush walking, travelling and at times scuba diving. If she’s not with her family, you will find Kim knitting another jumper, or reading a good book.


Mandy Silversides  – Education Facilitator

Mandy has been a class teacher at Kamaroi (Sydney) and Bowral Steiner Schools for the last 15 years. Her passion is classroom teaching and learning, yet increasing interest in the school-wide picture saw her move into mentoring and leadership roles in recent years.

She moved with her family to Hobart to take up this new role at Tarremah, and has two daughters at the school. In supporting the teachers, she enjoys the opportunity to continue deepening her understanding of Steiner education, working collaboratively with colleagues to inspire and support the children in their learning. She loves getting out and about, connecting with the broader Steiner/educational context at conferences, workshops and meetings.

Business Manager – Penny Lane

Penny is our Business Manager.

Front Office

Therese Chilcott

Therese works as Office Administrator and Enrolment Officer.

Jo Richardson

Jo is our Accounts Manager, Payroll Coordinator, and spends time working in the Front Office.

Grace Johnston

Grace is our Receptionist.

Teacher Aides

Agnes Reddington

Agnes works in the Early Childhood Centre as a Teacher Aide.

Danni Vaughan

Danni is as a Teacher Aide in both the Early Childhood Centre and the Primary School.

Sue Vincent

Sue is a Teacher Aide in the Primary School with a specialisation in Learning Support.

Melissa Harris

Melissa is a Teacher Aide in both the Early Childhood Centre and the Primary School..

Michelle Evans

Michelle is a Teacher Aide in the Secondary School with a specialisation in Learning Support.

Marie Ward

Marie works as a Teacher Aide in the Secondary School. When she’s not at Tarremah, she is a keen crafter and world-class Tennis Official!

Annette Fuhr-Evitt

Administration Staff

Abbey Vincent

Abbey is the Library Technician at Tarremah.

Colin Sinclair

Colin works in Information Technology.

Kevin Roberts

Kevin heads up Information Technology.

Qug McKendrick-King

Qug does a great job as the school gardener as well as helping our Outdoor Education team.

Sam Thompson

Sam works in maintenance.

Kane Plowman

Kane works in maintenance.

Ottmar Helm

Ottmar is our Facilities and WHS Officer

James Pepperell

James is our Guidance Councillor, and works one-on-one with students on a weekly basis.


Cleo is the Tarremah School Therapy dog. She visits the school once a week and helps the students to develop their reading, socialisation skills, and respect for animals.