Tarremah Steiner School Foundation (TSSF) is the incorporated body of the school and elects the School Council.  The role of the School Council is to guide Tarremah’s long term strategy, maintain the school’s financial solvency and protect the school against risk.  The Council works closely with the School Executive to deliver on the education, financial and regulatory responsibilities of the school.

All parents/guardians of enrolled students are automatically members of the TSSF (unless they have opted out). Other members of the community are invited to apply for membership using the Annual Subscription Form below.


TSSF Constitution

TSSF Membership Annual Subscription Form

TSSF Council Nomination Form

Council Members are elected for a three year term at the AGM.   The Council is legally responsible for budget and compliance issues, and has oversight of the school’s general wellbeing, including adherence to Steiner educational principles

The Council appoints the School Chair who is a Council member ex-officio and the Business Manager is also in attendance at all meetings.

The College of Teachers and School Executive are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and all educational matters.

Samantha Gorringe – Council Chair


Samantha Gorringe joined the council in 2014 when her son commenced at the school.  A strategy and business professional, Sam currently runs her own business Ascent21, where she works with businesses large and small to determine where they are, where they want to be and then to set a pathway to get there.  She has an intimate understanding of the strategic, operational and personal issues that underpin change, growth and development and is passionate about working with people and organisations who are committed to making a positive contribution to their communities.  She strongly believes in the unique opportunity that the Steiner approach provides for those children and families directly involved with Tarremah but also that through the capabilities cultivated throughout their years at the school, our students can be of great service to the broader world.

Paul Gilding

Stuart Barry

Chris Littlejohn – Secretary


Chris Littlejohn has been a parent at Tarremah since 2000 and a council member since 2015.  He takes a hands-on approach to community involvement.  You may have met him at the flappy duck stall at the school fair.  He also coaches youth soccer, is an organiser for the Cygnet Arts Council and supports youth sail training at the Port Cygnet Sailing Club.

Chris is studying a Master of Teaching degree, towards becoming a teacher.  He has an eclectic professional background, having worked as a disability support worker and a pizza cook, a university student and a social rights activist.  He now also works as Tarremah’s ICT Manager, emphasising the social aspects of technology in education. He helped develop Tarremah’s Digital Citizen website which builds awareness of the opportunities and risks of digital technology.

Chris particularly values Steiner’s developmental insights as they offer the growing child physical, mental, social and spiritual nourishment.

John Green – Council Member


As a young man in England, John first became aware of Steiner education through close friendships with Steiner school teachers.  He is now a retired school principal and in the past has been the principal of both primary and secondary independent schools in Australia. For a number of years he was the Business Manager of the Perth Waldorf School in WA.

John is currently the Chair of the Independent Schools Block Grant Authority of Tasmania, a member of the Schools Registration Board, Independent Schools Tasmania Board and serves on the Board of Management of the Independent Schools Council of Australia.

Penny Finlay – Council Member

Rachael Downie – Council Member