Tarremah Steiner School Foundation (TSSF) is the incorporated body of the school and elects the School Council.  The role of the School Council is to guide Tarremah’s long term strategy, maintain the school’s financial solvency and protect the school against risk.  The Council works closely with the School Executive to deliver on the education, financial and regulatory responsibilities of the school.

All parents/guardians of enrolled students are automatically members of the TSSF (unless they have opted out). Other members of the community are invited to apply for membership using the Annual Subscription Form below.


TSSF Constitution

TSSF Membership Annual Subscription Form

TSSF Council Nomination Form

Council Members are elected for a three year term at the AGM.   The Council is legally responsible for budget and compliance issues, and has oversight of the school’s general wellbeing, including adherence to Steiner educational principles

The Council appoints the School Chair who is a Council member ex-officio and the Business Manager is also in attendance at all meetings.

The College of Teachers and School Executive are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and all educational matters.

Rachael Downie –  Council Chair

Rachael Downie joined the Council in 2017, a year after her children moved to Tarremah.

Rachael is a results mentor and someone who is passionately focused on converting thinking into results. Rachael works closely with individuals and teams helping them to be the best at what they do and multiply their influence, impact and income in life, business and careers through teaching internationally acclaimed Bob Proctor’s proven methodologies.

Rachael was a teacher for 15 years and an educational consultant for schools and private enterprise. Throughout her teaching career she had a strong drive to develop the self confidence and belief of students, to foster their emotional development and tap into their true potential.

The family agricultural business is based in the Derwent Valley and the decision was made to move off the farm and offer the children the Steiner schooling in 2016 to best meet their emotional, spiritual and educational needs.

Bernice Thompson – Treasurer

John Green – Council Member


As a young man in England, John first became aware of Steiner education through close friendships with Steiner school teachers.  He is now a retired school principal and in the past has been the principal of both primary and secondary independent schools in Australia. For a number of years he was the Business Manager of the Perth Waldorf School in WA.

John is currently the Chair of the Independent Schools Block Grant Authority of Tasmania, a member of the Schools Registration Board, Independent Schools Tasmania Board and serves on the Board of Management of the Independent Schools Council of Australia.

Penny Finlay – Council Member

Tarremah school was one of the reasons for the move for our family to the area in October 2015. I have a range of early childhood experiences with our twin girls now aged 8 in Steiner education. These include Steiner playgroup from 15 months and Steiner Family Day care; Glenaeon Kindergarten, Sydney (including a time as class parent); and a 3 month period at a French Waldorf school. Previously I have served on the Birchgrove Community School Council and as Chair helped steer this school through some difficult times.

I have skills in community development, policy development, organisational change and communication having worked for state and local governments as well as in community organisations. I am measured in making commitments – balancing enthusiasm with ability to deliver. I am committed to good governance to enable the elements of the Tarremah school community to teach, learn, develop and play.