Our Teachers

John Correy – Co-School Chair


As Co-School Chair, John can utilize his years of experience as a primary and high school teacher.  He has been both a primary and high school teacher at Tarremah and now co-ordinates pathways programmes and work experience in the upper classes.

Being a science, mathematics and outdoor specialist John felt that Tarremah offered such diverse educational opportunities much richer in the arts, music and academic areas than his own schooling.

With a love of the outdoors, John also co-ordinates the outdoor education program which takes him on many journeys around Tasmania.  A true bush-man, John spends the school holidays ‘somewhere’ in remote Tasmania.

Contact: johnc@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Matt Bale – Co-School Chair


Matt took on the Co-School Chair role in 2020, and also teaches Science and Woodwork in the Secondary School.

Previously a furniture designer, Matt has a keen eye for detail and design and incorporates this practical knowledge into kinaesthetic learning experiences for his students. He has also attended many Professional Learning intensives to deepen his understanding of Steiner Philosophy throughout his time at Tarremah.

Contact: mattb@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Wendy Hyland – Education Administrator


Wendy is an experienced Steiner teacher who has previously taken a group of students from class 1-8.  Her specialist areas include art, health, physical activities and craft.

Wendy is a member of the Tasmanian Anthroposophical Society who participates in study groups, meetings and special events when possible. Her Steiner training has been in-house, through workshops, attendance at conferences and intensives within Australia over the past fifteen years.

Contact: wendyh@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Andreas Kuepper – Primary Teacher

Class Exercises

Andreas is working as a class teacher in the primary school, having already completed a class 1-8 cycle at Tarremah.  Previously at Bowral Rudolf Steiner School, Andreas trained at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School receiving an Advanced Diploma in Steiner Teaching.

Most of his life, Andreas has been involved with music, from being a professional concert pianist and producing his own contemporary dance music.

Contact: andreask@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Annette Fuhr-Evitt – Early Childhood Teacher


Annette works lovingly as a kindergarten teacher at Tarremah. She first visited Tarremah in 1996 to attend a Steiner teacher training course for staff and parents.  Both of her daughters attended Tarremah from playgroup to secondary school.

Contact: annettef@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Brett Tait – Secondary Teacher


Brett is an English teacher and class guardian in the Middle School.  He also teaches both history and art for classes 6 – 10.

Whilst studying a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Western Sydney he first encountered Steiner education.  After teaching in a public school for many years he studied Steiner Pedagogy at Glenaeon, Sydney.

Brett was seriously considering answering an advertisement for Steiner Teachers in Anchorage, Alaska when a colleague from Tarremah informed him of a position that was vacant here, which he applied for instead.   In his own words, “I mean, it’s not as exotic as the Land of the Midnight Sun. But there’s a wonderful lack of Sarah Palin here, which has to count for something…”

Contact: brettt@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Charlotte Roberts-Clarke – Secondary Teacher

Charlotte is a Graduate Steiner Student, and even attended Tarremah for a time during her Primary years! She is our Secondary School English teacher, and brings her love of literature and her deep understanding of Steiner Education to the role.

Contact: charlotterc@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Elise Blacher – Primary Teacher


Elise is both a class teacher and craft teacher in the primary school.  She enjoys working with an integrated curriculum and bringing each topic to life with craft, activities, songs, movement as well as written work.

Elise has studied International Business and Marketing all around the world, including receiving a scholarship to study at Harvard Business School in Boston. Elise works as an educational administrator and marketer two days a week. She is a parent of two children in the secondary school.

Contact: eliseb@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Emily Wolfe – Strings Teacher


An established musician with her own successful award winning folk band – As the Crow Flies – Emily brings life and joy to her teaching.  Emily teaches violin and cello to the primary school students.

Contact: emilyw@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Frank Toman – Outdoor Education Teacher


Frank has taught in many different schools since 1991, before finding a home at Tarremah. He was a pioneering teacher of the high school before realizing a passion in outdoor education.

Frank believes it is the Tasmanian bush which originally brought many folk to live here.  In his own words, “My own small children are beginning to experience the wonders and realness of this world … so I’m discovering anew the delight of going slowly and being in the moment.”

Contact: frankt@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Gina Rose – Music Co-ordinator


Gina is the music coordinator at Tarremah, teaching classes in both the primary and upper school.

Her background is in classical voice performance and teaching after attaining post-graduate degrees in both Music Performance and Teaching at UTAS. Gina has performed in various opera, music theatre and concert repertoire for a number of years whilst also teaching in schools, from her own vocal studio, and at the UTAS Conservatorium of Music.

Gina taught Aural Studies at UTAS for a year and directed the Conservatorium Vocal Ensemble for 7 years. Whilst at the Conservatorium of Music, Gina was awarded the Churchill Trust Fellowship, which took her to Finland, Hungary and London to further study aural training in developing singers in 2009.

Gina loves living in the Channel with her husband, young daughter and two lazy, retired greyhounds.


Greg Orr – Secondary Teacher

Greg is our PE and Physiology teacher, a role that he combines with his work as a Secondary Guardian. He has previously worked in NSW and relocated to Tasmania in 2018 with his young family.

Contact: greg.0rr@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Hayley Platts – Secondary Teacher


Hayley enjoys bringing life to her Japanese lessons in the secondary and upper primary school. She also guides students on life-changing trips to Japan every alternate year.
Hayley combines her speciality in Japanese culture and language with teaching physical education with being a class guardian in the secondary school. She is accompanied by Cleo the Therapy Dog on a weekly basis.

Contact: hayleyp@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Isabella Kumpulainen – Primary Teacher


Bel first encountered Rudolf Steiner’s approach to education on a visit to a market garden that was originally attached to Tarremah.  She had been working for several years establishing a biodynamic olive grove in Cambridge and had been gradually developing a broader interest in Steiner’s work.  After a tour of the school she was convinced that Tarremah was offering the kind of education she wanted for her children.

Now a class teacher in the primary school, Bel continues to deepen her understanding of Steiner education through her studies and her experience working with young children.

Contact: isabellak@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Kevin Roberts – Secondary Teacher

Kevin teaches Maths, Science and Information Technology to the Secondary School. He has a passion for bringing science to life for the students, and his Chemistry Classes are known for their exciting experiments!

Kim Merhulik – Primary Teacher


Kim has taught all over the world, from England to Japan.  She started at Tarremah as a Japanese specialist teacher and now also works as a class teacher in the primary school.

Contact: kimm@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Margaret Perversi – Craft Teacher

Margaret has been involved with Tarremah for many years – one of the sporting houses even bears her name!

She has worked as a Class Teacher and Music teacher, and she currently teaches craft to students from Classes 1-7.

Contact: margaretp@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Michael Rowland – Horticulture Teacher


Michael recently joined the school with experience as a Teacher of  Horticulture, Music, Drama, and Manual Arts; he has also been a professional gardener, landscape ecologist, farm manager, bee keeper and builder.

Michael has plans to extend the garden program throughout the school developing a paddock to plate program and diversifying the learning activities to build the student’s knowledge, competency and confidence working in and with nature to create food peacefully and enjoyably.

Contact: michaelr@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Michelle Hudspeth – Secondary Teacher

Michelle enjoys bringing her love of Maths to the Secondary School students. She joined the school in 2020 and encourages the children to approach maths with a growth mindset.

Contact: michelleh@tarremah.tas.edu.au

Seth Ireland – Primary Teacher


Seth is a Class Teacher in the primary school.  He is very experienced with children, having had six of his own. He enjoys attending the Glenaeon Steiner Intensives to deepen his understanding of Steiner Philosophy.


Sue Bottrill – Primary Learning Support


Sue has been at Tarremah for many years in the roles of class teacher, craft teacher and now learning support.  She enjoys this role, which allows her to draw upon her wide experience and deploy new ideas and resources, which best cater for such diverse students.

Sue has run preschools and worked with ESL students and right through to teaching literacy to adults.   She has also studied movement training in Steiner schools in Sydney.

In her spare time she enjoys delving into a good book, her family, a menagerie of pets and attempting to keep her acreage of garden reasonably tame. Sue is also fond of cooking and fabric and craft ‘experiments’.


Suzie Thomas – Secondary Learning Support


Suzie works closely with students and teachers in the upper school to provide learning support.  Children have different needs during their adolescence and Suzie supports them in their academic lives; paying attention to their emotional wellbeing and behaviour.  Suzie works with Life Skills, supports students in and out of class, and helps with students transitioning into college life.

Suzie claims to have sailed around Ireland on a schooner and met the King of Tory Island!


Ursula Miklauschina – German Teacher


Ursula teaches German to classes 1 to 10 and facilitates a student exchange program for class 10 students with two German Waldorf schools.

Ursula was trained as a secondary teacher for German, French and English in Switzerland and was teaching there for over a decade before moving to Tasmania.  She began teaching at Tarremah in 2011, after attending Steiner teacher training sessions.

Ursula lives on a farm with her partner and many beef cattle, a few sheep, chickens, turkeys and ducks and three border collies.