Early Childhood – The willing phase

The first seven years in a child’s life are vital for laying the foundation for the future growth of the whole child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

In the Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood curriculum teachers prepare children informally with numeracy and pre-literacy skills. Through the daily experience of self-initiated play, verse recitation, singing, music-making, dancing, watercolour painting, drawing, modelling, cooking, gardening and caring for animals, these skills are imparted in a rich and artistic way.

The domestic arts fill the day with purposeful activity, creating a dependable routine. This in turn creates a feeling of security in an environment which is warm, aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Stories and fairy tales are told and acted out. The children live vividly in these pictures and the teacher ensures that the stories
are age appropriate and have integrity, both in their moral and intellectual content. They also help to foster a sense of wonder and delight, bringing the child into a positive and caring relationship with the natural world and each other.

Children experience nature and the changing seasons with all their senses during outside play-time in the beautiful kinder garden and on regular, invigorating walks in the neighbouring bush reserve and rural setting.

Mixed Age Kindergartens

Pipit and Fantail are mixed age kindergartens for ages 3-6, where children learn by helping younger children and imitating older children.  Children learn through rhythm and routine.  Within their day they have ample time to play, undertake craft, tidy and clean, cook a meal, hear told stories, rest and sing.

To enrol in kindergarten complete a School Enrolment Form enrolment-application


Fairy Wren Playgroup

Fairy Wren Playgroup offers families with children between birth and school readiness a warm and nurturing environment where the rhythm of the day provides children the
inner space to move and play, and parents build a supportive, connected community.

Each playgroup meets once a week during the school term and is facilitated by a Steiner trained playgroup leader, who guides the group through the morning’s activities

including stories, songs, bread making, craft and free~play both indoors and out.

Our cottage is a warm and inviting early childhood space within the grounds of Tarremah Steiner School.  Our toys are made from natural materials that nurture the child’s imagination and creativity while the enclosed garden is a haven for outdoor exploration.

Parents benefit from the wisdom and experience of the playgroup leaders, who share ideas for nurturing the young child at home and overcoming some of the challenges of 21st century parenting.

Thursday 12:30pm ~ 2:30pm
Our Toddler groups are for parents with children from birth to 2 years. This group offers a calm and nurturing environment where parents can meet each other  and share their experiences of parenting their child’s first months.  Parents and babies are held in a space of warmth, reverence and acceptance.

Thursday & Friday  9:00am ~ 11:30am
Our playgroups offer a warm, play-based program for parents and children from birth to school readiness.  Join us for a relaxed, joyful time to connect with your child and with each other.


The full term cost is calculated at $25 per session for the Toddler Group and Friday Afternoon Playgroup, as these sessions run for 2 hours, and $30 for the Playgroups, as these sessions run for 2 1/2 hours.  Fees are payable by the term. Families with more than one child pay half price for each additional child.

Playgroup enrolments are Term based and three weeks’ notice in writing is required in the event that the child is withdrawn. Failure to give notice will incur a charge for these three weeks.


Our Playgroup Co-Ordinator, Karen, on karen.bright@tarremah.tas.edu.au.

Our Playgroup Enrolment Application Form can be downloaded here and emailed to mail@tarremah.tas.edu.au.

Visit us on facebook: www.facebook.com/fairywrenplaygroup