Steiner schools strive towards delivering the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner whilst developing their own pedagogy.

Teachers are guided by the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.  The framework has been approved by the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA), which recognises that all content from the Australian National Curriculum is delivered. However, Steiner schools often introduce concepts in different years, in line with Steiner’s indications of the developmental needs of the child. 

I love teaching at Tarremah because when I work with the students I can see that wonder and sense of curiosity for learning. This makes teaching each day such a joy.

Sharon – Secondary Teacher

Children are taught in a creative and lively way allowing children to connect with subject matter whatever their learning style. Concepts are taught through ‘Main Lessons’, which allows children a deep immersion in the topic for a number of weeks.  

Specialist subjects enhance the main curriculum. Steiner schools value the subjects include painting, form drawing, craft, woodwork, gardening, singing and recorder, physical education, German and Japanese. Many of these subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

Tarremah is very well regarded for its Outdoor Program, which builds each year from informal bush walks in kindergarten and early childhood through to week long walks in the Tasmanian wilderness.