Tarremah is one of over 40 Steiner Waldorf schools in Australia, and over one thousand schools worldwide, working from the educational impulses of Rudolf Steiner. Situated in Huntingfield, Tasmania, Tarremah is 15 minutes south of Hobart and caters for approximately 300 students from Kindergarten to Class Ten.

Tarremah Steiner School aims to develop the whole child, their head, heart and hands, by providing meaningful and creative learning experiences. Developing trusting relationships, built on respect and a deep understanding of every child. And by providing a community of loving support for each family, working together to nurture every child through their school years.


Every Steiner school is unique to their place in the world and Tarremah responds to the local environment with a distinctive educational flavor which can best be appreciated by walking around the beautiful grounds and speaking with parents and teachers.

The name ‘Tarremah’ is derived from the word for albatross in the language spoken by the original indigenous inhabitants of Oyster Cove. The albatross embodies independence, devotion, skill and endurance.  As birds are to the air, so thoughts are to the mind.