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Tarremah Steiner School 12 Nautilus Grove, Huntingfield TAS 7055
About Our School

Guided by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy, we deliver a curriculum that encourages curious, lifelong learners. Our teachers bring their whole selves into the classroom, responding authentically and creatively to each child.
Our school is in Huntingfield, 15 minutes south of Hobart. We cater to around 300 students from kindergarten to class 10. Most children begin their journey with Tarremah in the early childhood years and continue through to Class 10. However, children are welcome to join us at any grade.

What We Believe

Our goal at Tarremah is to foster a community of inspired lifelong learners. Here, everything is centred around the child’s journey. And while we don’t dictate where that journey leads, we walk alongside the child every step of the way.

Our Vision

The development of enthusiastic learners, creative individuals, and active citizens through Steiner Education.

Our Values


We share our philosophies of learning in ways that are engaging and artistic.


Our teaching is fun, imaginative, and brings a sense of wonder to the everyday.


With warmth and sincerity, we are always willing to guide, collaborate, and nurture.


We are always respectful and welcoming of different views and life journeys.
At Tarremah, the unique spirit of each child is recognised, nurtured, and respected.

We cater to the whole child as we support their journey. Because that journey is one of constant development, our teaching is designed to grow and adapt.
Inner lives of imagination and creativity are cultivated, along with an enthusiasm for academic challenge and a love of physical activity. Teachers strive for a balance of thinking, feeling, and doing. The creativity and joyfulness of healthy children is encouraged through an artistic approach.

Every child is encouraged to excel within a rich social and intellectual environment. This helps promote attributes such as self-confidence, resilience, resourcefulness, initiative, and social consciousness.

Tarremah students are often recognised for their individuality, which is supported at the school. We do not enforce a uniform, encouraging children to have their own style. Teachers are called by their first names and, because of the school culture, get to know each child very well.